Email From A Customer

on Tuesday, April 9th, 2013 at 3:51 pm

We just received the following email from a customer.  They gave us permission to post it:

I’d like to let you know my experience with your company KwickSilver.

My wife hit a pretty severe pot hole in the road in my Camry. I went to Jackson tire store to make sure everything was ok with my tires. When they took the two right tires off they showed me that both my wheels were broken. Because my wheels are custom wheels my only options were to buy 4 new wheels or get the two wheels fixed. I chose to fix the broken wheels and they recommended I go to KwickSilver.

KwickSilver repaired the wheels. I got the car home and the back tire went flat. I went back to where I had originally bought the tires – America’s Tires and they replaced the tires. Now I had a vibration in the front end of the car so I took it back to America’s Tires and they told me the rim was bent. I called KwickSilver up and asked them if they could check my wheel. They took the wheel off, put it on the machine, brought me into the back and showed me that the wheel was true. They remounted the wheel and didn’t charge me anything. I went back to America’s Tire with the knowledge I had received from KwickSilver to share with them and they finally got the tire mounted correctly.

My Camry drives like a dream once again.

I want other people to know that the quality of work, the personable interaction with their customers and the positive experience I had with KwickSilver is why I will recommend them to everyone I know.

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