What The Dealer Doesn’t Tell You Can Cost $100’s

on Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 at 4:31 am

Recently two owners of different high end european cars came in with the same problem, bent wheels. The respective dealers each told their customer that the vibration they feel at highway speed is due to bent wheels, and the only way to repair the problem is to purchase a new wheel.

The first customer was told that the new wheel would cost over $600. The other customer was told that their replacement would cost $1100. $700 for the wheel and another $400 to have it chrome plated since the original owner purchased that upgrade when they bought the car.

The second customer had just purchased their new (used car) for over $30,000 just a few weeks ago, and has been complaining about the freeway speed vibration since taking delivery. They told the customer that they fixed it when actually they just re-balanced it.

In both cases, we straightened their wheels for much less than the price of new ones, and the vibrations at freeway speed are gone.